Thermal Imaging in Connecticut

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Thermal Imaging in Connecticut

Thermal Imaging

Before you buy or sell a home, your inspector does a walk-through to document potential issues. He performs a thorough, professional examination, but he can only document what he can see.

Hidden Water Leak cant be seen without thermal imaging

ceiling under shower with no visible signs of water staining.

Thermal imaging technology eliminates this concern. When there’s a problem that’s hidden from view, our imaging technology allows our inspector to “see” the issue.

Heat-sensitive technology gives our inspector more information to evaluate a property’s condition. When we provide thermal inspection results in our report, you can feel more confident about your home buying or home selling decision.

How We Use Thermal Imaging

For decades, thermographic technology was available for military, scientific, and defense use only. The devices detect and display the infrared radiation every object releases. Depending on their temperature, every object produces different levels of infrared radiation. The process of thermal imaging captures these differences as color variations.

  • Warm colors: Red, orange, and yellow indicate areas of warmth.
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    Thermal image of cold spot

  • Cool colors: Purple, dark blue, and black indicate cooler areas.

Thermographic displays are a reliable resource for home inspectors. The captured colors allow humans to “see” what’s happening in wall cavities, plumbing systems, crawl spaces, and other hidden areas. When using a thermal camera, an inspector can identify previously undetectable conditions.

Professional Home Inspections

When a home inspector accesses a thermal display, it provides valuable information throughout the inspection process. He simply points his “camera” toward your ceiling, roof, walls, or other parts of your home. The camera produces an image that displays the detected areas of heat or cold.

  • Plumbing Leaks: To test for water leaks, the inspector turns on your faucets and allows the water to flow throughout your home. He then scans the ceilings beneath waterpipe locations. If the imaging equipment detects a cool spot, it’s a possible water leak.
  • Water Leaks: When rain enters a home, it often settles into your floors, walls, and ceiling. As with leaky plumbing, an undetected flow of water often leaves these areas moist enough for deterioration and mold to destroy them. When viewed with a thermal device, these areas register as cool.

    Testing the spot showing 50% moisture which is indicative of an active water leak.

  • Electrical Problems: When a home’s electrical system needs maintenance or repair, worn or damaged areas generate excess heat. Temperature-sensitive imaging can locate an electrical issue before it becomes a major problem.
  • Heat Loss: Homes lose heat and cooled air due to roof wear or damage, inadequate or no insulation, deteriorating window seals, and other problems. An inspector can locate these cool or warm releases of air with thermal imaging equipment.
  • Animal and Bug Infestations: Thermography detects the heat generated by termites, mice, and other animals.

Making the Most of Your Home Inspection

Thermal Imaging inspection CT

Thermal image cold spot

Your home inspector uses heat-sensitive imaging to help you make critical home buying and selling decisions. Of course, this technology has its limits. While it can accurately reveal potential problems it can’t predict when an incident might occur.


If your report contains adverse information, you should contact your contractor to discuss your repair and maintenance timing and options.

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