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Find out how stress free home inspections can be with Bender! Had a bad experience before? We understand. Our professional inspectors are often called in after another team has botched the job and sent a hefty invoice. Our Westport services are top rated by your friends and neighbors. Not only that? We care. We know that buying or selling a home or business is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. We pride ourselves on getting on your side and ensuring your success. Wherever you are in Connecticut, we’ll come to you quickly and get the job done accurately.

Fallen in love with a dream home? We get that. One of the reasons we’re so good at what we do is we love houses, too. Every property has problems, whether new construction or a charming Victorian. We’ll examine the house from top to bottom. From the roofing to the basement, we’ll cover all your bases to ensure your investment is safe. No matter if you’re selling or purchasing a house or business, get the home inspection. It will save you time, money, and stress before you sign.

Licensed Home Inspectors

Make an informed decision about real estate with our licensed home inspectors. Available to evaluate any structure’s condition, we specialize in commercial and residential properties. Our fully detailed home report will pinpoint problems that need improvement. A healthy and safe house or office is our objective for you. We’ll make issues clear and easy to understand.

Professional and fully licensed, we are trained to be able to advise you. Independent and honest, our home inspections can be a crucial turning point in buying and selling real estate. You can trust our team to analyze properties with your interests at heart. If our home inspection report turns up a deal breaker? Let us help you with the next property. We’ll be on your side throughout the entire process of buying your dream home. Sellers can count on us to resolve any problem before it results in the loss of the sale. Bender Inspection Services is here to protect you.

We Collaborate with Westport Home Owners, Sellers and Real Estate Agents

Inspections are available for a range of clients and needs. Working with sellers and buyers, we also have real estate agents as returning customers. We are fully accredited and use local and fast laboratories for independent results. You’ll appreciate our trustworthiness and integrity.

What do home inspectors look at? Covering all major home systems and components, we are experts at identifying major and minor issues. Our structural expertise means that you can rest assured the building is sound and without defects. We completely assess the exterior, including the grounds. Our interior home inspections include major systems like plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical systems. Interested in water or radon testing? Just ask. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting when you put your trust in our Westport home inspections.

Inspector Walk-Through:

Working quickly and thoroughly, our home walk-through generally takes two-three hours depending on the size and scale of the property. We’ve inspected huge commercial properties and tiny cottages.

Top to Bottom Home Inspections:

We examine the entire home or business from roof to basement. Our expert assessments will give you the knowledge you need to make an educated real estate investment.

Assess Major Systems:

Houses and offices are made of many working parts. With Bender, you can rest assured that we’ve evaluated every major system including plumbing and optional water safety along with heating and cooling. We have you covered.

Comprehensive Inspection Report:

Our easy to understand home inspection reports will be available in a digital format via email. We’ll provide detailed notation and photography as needed.

Service Residential Properties:

Whatever your square footage, we can handle it. Our expert home inspectors are available to evaluate residential or commercial properties. Our inspection services are designed to be as versatile as they are honest and trustworthy.

Westport Home Buyers Inspections

Buying a home is the biggest investment most folks make! We understand how much thought and love go into a home purchase. Get someone on your side with our independent home inspections that make real estate decisions simple. We’ll get between you and stress. Our inspections for home buyers offer a readable report that’s easy to understand. Pinpointing problems, we’ll also provide solutions and costs. This will help you as the home buyer during price talks. Our report will give you the leverage you want to get that selling price down to what you need.

Inspecting Services for Sellers

Inspecting services for sellers are essential. So often, we are asked if the seller needs a home inspection. The answer is always yes. We’ll find issues before the buyer does and get them handled. Our report will inspire confidence in the buyer and close the deal quickly. Being upfront with home buyers is simply the best way to go. It inspires trust and establishes a base to make a sale. Rely on our inspection services for sellers to close the deal.

Mitigation of Radon

Our radon testing is the first step toward radon mitigation. There’s a lot of hype around radon and home inspections, but it’s just another problem to be solved. We will test air samples over a period of two to three days to get an accurate read. This will ensure that the results are exact and account for variations in weather and air flow to the area. At Bender, we use time-honored methods like charcoal canisters from laboratories for independent results.

What happens if we find high levels of radon? We recommend finding a specialized radon mitigation service. They are not a deal breaker in terms of cost. Our optional radon testing gives you the information you need to stop radon problems in their tracks.

Professional Water Testing

Water is life. Our professional water testing services are an option in our home inspection packages. There are many issues that can impact the safety of water. Plumbing and solder, existing water filtration systems, local agriculture, and well water issues are all examined. Our independent water testing will save your money and health down the road. Our samples will be assessed for all major concerns.

Our water testing inspections take samples from the source. At Bender, we will protect the health and happiness of your family with our expert water testing. Accurate and fast, water samples are independently tested for your safety and peace of mind.

Why Trust Bender Inspections Services?

Our home inspection reviews speak for themselves. Our professional team is top rated and returning customer base is high. Why? We’re honest, trustworthy, and affordable. Buying and selling real estate doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Get the home inspection answers you need now with our courteous and comprehensive services in Connecticut. Call Michael to schedule an appointment 203-376-1095

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